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Who am I?

Adrian Guerin sitting in a chair

I’m a freelance designer, art director and illustrator who dabbles in a bit of photography and story-telling. I usually split my year between working in ad agencies, working with my own clients and galivanting across the world as a photojournalist. I also work locally as a photographer on both self-initiated projects as well as commercial jobs. I lived in London for 10 years and loved it, but now call Melbourne home.

While each year for me is colourful and varied; creative pursuits like the work on this website remain at the core of what I do. My technique and process evolved from the days before computers ruled the world: I would take pictures with a Pentax K1000, print them out and piece them together into elaborate photo montages. I now use found imagery online to create these montages before layering them up with a variety of textures and paints (real and digital) to create the effect you see here. It can be a labour intensive process, but I’ve spent many years refining it to the point it is now reasonably streamlined and efficient to execute. Some of the images on this reel consist of up to 15 separate images pieced together: an arm from here and lips from there.